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Welcome to KM Wood Pellets As a manufacturer of wooden furniture, KM Interwood Company recognizes the importance of protecting and nurturing the environment. Rather than burning the wood chips left over from the furniture manufacturing process, KM Interwood Company established KM Wood Pellets to support its environmentally friendly standards. By providing the wooden chips in compressed bars,
KM Wood Pellets can be used as fuel for various industries in which its strongest advantages are that they have not only have high thermal capacity but also remain steady temperatures.

The Pellet Making Process starts with the collection of wood residue that cannot be processed further for manufacturing. These may include small wooden branches, wood chips and sawdust. The production of the pellets itself then begins with the grounding of the wood into powder form, drying it and compressing it with high pressure into pellet form.

Advantages of Wood Pellet Fuel
1. Transportation is convenient, easy, and efficient due to its high density of 1300 KG/BLM
2. Because of the standardization of size, amounts of usage may be managed or controlled with ease
3. Creates less ash than coal or whole wooden chips
4. Provides high thermal capacity and has a humidity of less than 10%
5. Asserts less Carbon oxide emissions than fossil fuels and does not release toxic gases
6. Costs less than fossil fuel energy

Pellet description
• 6 mm long, 30-40mm in diameter.
• Less than 10% humidity
• 1.2% of ash
• Heat energy of 4400 Kcal / K.

We are proud to assist in preserving the environment and constantly seek to enhance our Eco-Friendly services to satisfy valued customers.
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